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David Owasi

David Owasi

Role: Founder

Company: OutreachGenius

Industry: Digital Marketing and SaaS

Location: Canada

DISC Typing: influence


Eneagram Typing: Type 3

David Owasi is an entrepreneur and founder of OutreachGenius, a company specializing in AI-driven sales appointment generation. With a passion for digital marketing and technology, David has successfully leveraged AI to solve complex business challenges.

Personality Summary: Personality Summary: David is a visionary and innovative leader, constantly seeking new ways to leverage technology for business growth. His communication style is clear, engaging, and focused on providing value.

What They Do

David runs a marketing agency specializing in lead generation for high-ticket service-based businesses. He is also involved in creating educational content on leveraging AI for business growth and has developed a proprietary software suite at OutreachGenius.

Offer Summary

OutreachGenius is a software designed for B2B companies, offering precise targeting and personalized outreach at scale, with a unique selling point of accessing over 300M+ B2B and B2C records.

Who They Are

David Owasi is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of OutreachGenius, a SaaS company focused on leveraging AI and automation to enhance sales appointments for businesses.

Fit Assesment

David's extensive experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and software development, combined with his focus on AI and automation for sales and marketing, aligns perfectly with OutreachGenius's capabilities. His company's mission to transform cold outreach into warm conversations mirrors the product's unique selling point of personalized outreach at
Fit Score: 96%

What They Are

David is deeply invested in creating genuine connections and solving complex problems in the digital marketing space. His professional focus revolves around utilizing cutting-edge AI tools and manual processes to generate high-intent prospects for businesses.

Conversational Starters

  1. I noticed your innovative use of AI in lead generation on your recent podcast appearance. How do you see AI evolving in the marketing space?
  2. Congratulations on your success with OutreachGenius! What inspired you to focus on transforming cold outreach?
  3. Your video on using AI to identify website visitors was enlightening. Can you share more about the technology behind
  4. I was impressed by your journey from painting houses to founding a tech-driven marketing powerhouse. What's been the biggest lesson learned?

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